Excellent Tutorial about numpy and matplotlib

Credit to :https://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy-dev/user/quickstart.html#basic-operations


import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
def mandelbrot( h,w, maxit=20 ):
“””Returns an image of the Mandelbrot fractal of size (h,w).”””
y,x = np.ogrid[ -1.4:1.4:h*1j, -2:0.8:w*1j ]
c = x+y*1j
z = c
divtime = maxit + np.zeros(z.shape, dtype=int)

for i in range(maxit):
z = z**2 + c
diverge = z*np.conj(z) > 2**2 # who is diverging
div_now = diverge & (divtime==maxit) # who is diverging now
divtime[div_now] = i # note when
z[diverge] = 2 # avoid diverging too much

return divtime





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